Dark chocolate with no added sugar.
This dark chocolate bursts with deliciously intense chocolate taste contains no added sugar. Its pleasant sweetness comes from the sugar substitute maltitol, rounded off with natural Bourbon vanilla. And its taste and mouthfeel come very close to the taste of our traditional chocolates such as the 811. Same crack, same mouthfeel, same colour and beautiful gloss.
This Dark Chocolate with no Added Sugar furthermore offers the same freedom of creativity in applications as our Finest Belgian Chocolate recipes do: from confectionery, pastry mousses or crémeux to desserts and drinks. Melting, tempering, cooling, moulding, etc. work in exactly the same way. Its technical properties and behaviour are absolutely identical.
Finished products made with this chocolate, can be promoted with the label “no added sugar” if the finished recipe doesn’t contain any added sugars at all: e.g. pralines, chocolate bars or tablets with fillings in which the filling doesn’t contain any added sugar, or in which sucrose has been replaced with sweetener.

Tasting Notes: balanced – Dark chocolate with bold, balanced and solid chocolate taste – the sugar is replaced with maltitol.

Made with maltitol (sweetener) instead of sugar..


– Callebaut  CW2NV
– 54% cocoa solids.
– Liquidity level of 3 (out of 5).
– Repacked -5kg x1  Block
– Kosher Dairy

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