Temperature safe to use with Candy coating and all your baking Needs.

Silicone Brushes are the perfect tool for painting, drawing, lifting, and blending. Created by artists for artists, Silicone Brushes combine tradition with exciting new techniques. The durable tips are made of an advanced Silicone composite.

Apply candy coating or edible glitter dust  straight from the container with a Silicone Brush, and then use it to carve back into the color for a variety of texture and surface effects. The tool easily lifts chocolate from the surface or draws lines, contours, and edges on the color.

With  strong nickel ferrules and lacquered hardwood handles, they offer the high end quality needed by dedicated artists. To clean, simply dip the tips in water or solvent and wipe with a cloth. Don’t worry — dried candy coating just peels away!

The gray tip is tough and offers better control over heavy bodied colors. Choose your size, shape, and firmness, or try a sampler set of 5.

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