Are you strong enough

It was a hot summer day and a standard Saturday of doing deliveries. Together our team was ready to make memories for many happy couples. As we pulled up to one of our deliveries a 4 tier square wedding cake was being taken out of the vehicle and transported to the reception room. With in minutes Shawn yells “I think the board is breaking” I respond what ever you do do not let this cake drop and place your hands underneath” The wedding cake was quickly placed on the cake table and no damage to our lovely cake. We either live by our own mistakes or by others.. I hope it is by others and then you do not make the same mistake.  I learned my lesson that day to never again by cheap imitation cake boards.. The risk is to high and the stress it not worth it.

I tell you this story because you pay for what you get. The drum style cake boards that Create Dist. carries are made in Canada and our manufacturer do not compromise a cheap imitation product. Although they may not be as inexpensive as an another company, they are made with premium strength and wrapped edges. A wrapped edge compared to a glued on edge is far supplier as it does not come off due to a lack of glue.

Keep in mind although these cake bards are very strong they can not hold an elephant. Be smart, we wise and when it comes to a towering wedding cake or birthday cake always think of the weight and what material you need to keep it on a solid surface.