Couverture vs. Compound Chocolate: What is the Difference?

Help! What Chocolate Should I Use? Not all chocolates are created equal. If you’re new to chocolate, it is hard to understand the differences between compound chocolate and couverture. Each has it’s own composition, unique properties, and uses. In this post, we’ll explore everything you need to know to differentiate between them, highlighting their best […]

Tempering Chocolate: A Comprehensive Guide

Tempering Chocolate: The Basics Tempering chocolate is the controlled process of melting, cooling, and re-solidifying chocolate to create a stable crystal structure. Chocolate is composed of cocoa solids, cocoa butter, and sugar. These components can form different types of crystals depending on how the chocolate is handled during melting and cooling. The goal of tempering […]

The Benefits of CMC Powder and Meringue Powder are Magical

Have you ever wondered how bakers use the benefits of meringue powder and CMC powder to get professional results? Baking is a science that people have been practicing for centuries. Behind every delightful cake, cookie, or pastry lies a world of ingredients that work together to create magic. Among the many secret weapons used by […]

Colouring Chocolate with Fat Dispersible Dust

With new trends evolving in 2020 and 2021 more and more for hot chocolate bombs, smash hearts and anything chocolate, we have definitely seen a trend and an increase in sales on chocolate and how to customize the colours. Some of our customers are looking for a couverture chocolate (cocoa butter based and cocoa solid […]

2019’s Biggest Decorating Trend? It’s All About That Edible Gold

decadent ice cream sundae with edible gold leaf available from Create Distribution

You are gold baby, solid gold! What is all the rave about in edible gold? I will start with a little history on this product and then how we can apply it to everything. There are plenty of reasons people love gold. For one, it’s shiny. But beyond the obvious, pure gold (22-24 karats) can be […]