2019’s Biggest Decorating Trend? It’s All About That Edible Gold

decadent ice cream sundae with edible gold leaf available from Create Distribution

You are gold baby, solid gold!

What is all the rave about in edible gold?

I will start with a little history on this product and then how we can apply it to everything.

There are plenty of reasons people love gold. For one, it’s shiny. But beyond the obvious, pure gold (22-24 karats) can be “gold-hammered,” or pounded and rolled over and over again until it’s about 1/8,000 of a millimeter thick. Then it’s destined for dessert or booze.

Once in pounded form, it’s known as gold leaf and is sold in sheets separated by paper, or in flakes or powder. The gold is gently pressed or brushed onto chocolate or other confections (especially exotic ones — India and Asia love using the stuff on sweets). Gold leaf is also commonly floated in cocktails or added to bottled liquor like Goldschläger for a glittery touch.

Want to know more about edible gold history? Check here.

Any health benefits? Dangers? Neither, as long as it’s pure gold and not flakes of fake gold foil. Contrary to popular opinion, your body can’t absorb or digest edible gold leaf, it’s just a super-expensive way to show your booze and dessert that you want it to feel pretty.

Create Distribution sells a 23K EDIBLE GOLD LOOSE LEAF AS WELL AS A EDIBLE GOLD TRANSFER LEAF. What is the difference? Quite a bit !!


Gold and Silver Leaf

24 K. Gold Leaf Loose 25 Sheets

Original price was: CAD $100.00.Current price is: CAD $85.00.

A Edible Gold Loose Leaf sheet is a 3×3″ sheet of gold that is not attached to the paper and can be broken into small pieces or placed on like a sheet to pretty much anything edible. You name it it has been done. Soft Serve Ice Cream, wedding cakes, chicken wings, desserts, champagne donuts and more. The loose sheet is versatile as it can be used as a little or a lot. You can even break down into small gold flakes by placing a loose sheet in a DRY pot and by using 2 forks you can start to tear the sheet apart into smaller pieces. The more you tear the leaf the smaller the bits. Waa Laa .. Gold flake !!

Now a Edible Gold transfer sheet is designed to place on a surface with moisture. Such as a buttercream cake, a moistened fondant cake, a piece of sushi. We suggest a flat surface. The transfer gold leaf is more stuck to the paper and can not be broken into small bits. Simply take the paper and place on a wet surface, add pressure and slowly peel away. the gold will stick to the surface while leaving the paper blank. In the event, a few pieces of gold were left on the paper simply press again to release.

Gold is the new food trend hitting everywhere. We saw it come out quite strong in 2018 and I can imagine it will be even stronger in 2019.  Edible gold is perfect to adorn chocolate bonbons, sprinkle in champagne glasses, serve with savory appetizers or as a small leaf garnish on a dessert for one.