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Light your shop window up with precious and perfect creations with GEM100!

Classic and modern at the same time, GEM100 mold enables you to make mono portions with a volume of 100 ml characterized by a simple and harmonious style. Its unique design is due to the special and innovative border placed in the upper part of each cavity which gives a particular rounded shape to the base of preparations.

GEM100 is a very versatile mold, suitable for “semifreddos”, ice-creams and baked creations.

16″ High Heat Spatula

  • Nylon handle and silicon blade are heat-resistant up to 500°F (260°C)
  • Contoured flexible blade scrapes food from any container
  • Molded silicone rubber nubs keep blade off counter
  • Molded one-piece design eliminates food traps
  • Won’t scratch nonstick cookware

Satin Ice Ivory Fondant 5lb

Satin Ice Designed for decorating and covering fondant cakes, cookies and treats
Smooth satin finish that allows endless creativity
The artist’s tool for decorating and covering

Exceptional workability makes Satin Ice ivory fondant easy for anyone to use to make incredible custom cakes, cupcakes and cookies for any occasion. Satin Ice ivory fondant can be rolled thin or modeled into shapes giving artists, pastry chefs, retail bakeries and home-bakers a highly versatile cake icing that transforms the ordinary to extraordinary. Known best for its superior vanilla flavor and smooth finish, Satin Ice fondant will have your creation tasting as amazing as it looks.

Gluten Free, Nut Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, Kosher

Pack Size: 5lb

Colour: Ivory