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Achieve new heights with Légère 1%!

Légère 1% is a beautiful combination of a rich fudgy chocolate taste with red fruits, hazelnut and floral notes, a light pink dry color becoming reddish in your recipe and has a unique technical feature.

This defatted alkalised cacao powder, containing less than 1% cocoa butter, gives an increased better volume (+20%) and a less dense product (better stability of the shape during baking) compared to a standard cacao powder.

Légère 1% is the perfect solution for low-calorie applications (e.g. sports and diet products) and aerated bakery recipes such as macaron, croissants and meringues. Its very low fat content also reduces the risk of fat blooming in your spreads.

Tasting Profile:  Rich fudgy chocolate taste / Notes of red fruits & hazelnuts with a floral bouquet

Alkaline PH level: 7.6-8.2

Fineness : 5 out of 5

Pack Size : 750g