Roxy and Rich Fat Dispersible Colours mix perfectly with chocolate, candy melts, buttercream, batter and more. Use with anything that has a fat base in it. (Fat: butter, cocoa butter, oil). Powder based

Colouring is achieved through the dispersion of the coloured particles in the food.

Aluminum-based insoluble food colours are used to colour oil-based products, such as chocolate, buttercream, and candy and pastry coatings. It is perfect to limit colour bleeding when several colours are side by side.


  • Ideal for fatty substances, such as chocolate
  • Less aggressive colouring than the water-soluble variety
  • Colouring through dispersion to limit bleeding

Kit includes 7 sample size colours: White, Purple, Pink, Blue, Black, Light Green and Red

Pack Size : 5g x 6, 10g (White)  = Net Weight 40g


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