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The Hybrid sparkle dust offers a wide selection of colors. High shimmering effect, same as for our Lustre Dust, these dusts are also the only ones on the market that could be used with water only (can also be used with lemon extract or alcohol). Use dry or with water, alcohol or lemon extract. This gleaming super pearl 500 shade is a perfect way to add color and shine to your decorations and sugar work, and its higher micron size has an enhanced sparkling luster and greater transparency. Its pearlescent finish will add a touch of brilliance to sugar work, chocolate, and other embellishments to your cakes and cupcakes. Plus, this product is totally safe to eat, so your customers can admire your cakes and eat them, too! This Roxy & Rich super pearl 500 sparkle dust couldn’t be easier to use! For dry application on chocolate or sugar work, simply brush the sparkle dust directly on to your decorations. You can also mix it with water or alcohol to make paint that can be brushed onto cakes and cookies. For a seamless sparkly effect, mix this product with sugar water and apply it with an airbrush! You can even mix this sparkle dust directly into oil-based products, food gel, or sugar work mixes to add shine to your signature recipes. No matter how you choose to use it, this sparkle dust will help you turn ordinary baked creations into eye-catching masterpieces! Roxy & Rich brings decorators food coloring products of the highest quality to make their confections stand out with unparalleled brilliance.

For dry application on chocolate, sugar work or fondant. Incorporates into oil- based products, food gel or into your sugar work while still boiling. Airbrush by incorporating with alcohol or sugar water.


These colors offer a vibrant metallic finish, water soluble and are 100% Edible.

Available in 2.5g and 25g


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