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A caramel taste and colour like home-made

When home-made caramels are not an option because of lack of time or staff, the new Callebaut Caramel is indispensable when it comes to wowing your guests or customers and saving time and money at the same time. This Callebaut Caramel has the genuine deep and bold caramel taste of a dry cooked caramel. Visually it appeals with its golden brown colour and an authentic rich, fluid texture. And it’s made without any artificial colours or flavours. Use as a filling, topping and flavour in your desserts and confections. Moreover, the new caramel is easy to tune with your own personal touch: mixing in fleur de sel or crunches, or mixing with chocolate to create chocolate fudge.

Pack Size: 900g repacked

Liquid Caramel

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