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Barry Callebaut Ezmelt White Confectionary Chocolate is a classic hard-set compound coating chocolate perfect for dipping, coating and decorating. It’s easy to melt (no tempering required!), fast setting and has a great chocolaty taste!

Easy to use Barry Callebaut ezmelt confectionary coating chocolate. Just melt, dip, dry and your done. Dip strawberries, pretzels, make chocolate bark, hot chocolate bombs, cake pops and more. With a supreme flavour and easy to melt at low temperatures in the microwave or over a water bath.


  • Great for enrobing, molding, dipping, and decorating, drizzling, panning and more. 
  • 0% Cocoa, 27% Fat
  • Does not require tempering
  • Pack Size: 5lb (2268g)

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