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Transporting Chocolate, Crisp Pearls and Cocoa Butter in the hot summer months can cause items to melt, bloom and not be usable during transportation.

Protect your products with our insulated boxes and ice packs to keep products cool for 24-48 hours and prevent melting. Average 4-6 Ice Packs in this box

Recommended for temperatures above 15 degrees Celsius

Warm Weather Shipping

When your package’s destination is over 15 degrees Celsius, we advise that you select our warm weather packaging. This is to help assist safety during shipping from chocolate melting.

Warm weather packaging consists of an insulated container and reusable frozen gel-packs.

In extreme hot weather conditions, we reserve the summer months (May, June, July, August and September – or whenever temperatures exceed 20 degrees) to ship all of our packages with an insulated package and or suspend shipping until it is cooler and safer to ship the product.

When considering warm weather packaging, we ship from our warehouse in Calgary,AB, (postal code T3N0G9) & ship our products via Canada Post & Canpar Ground/Express dependent on the order size.

If you or your gift recipient is not present at the time of delivery and the damage occurs (including melting) as the result of a delay, in claiming the package, Create Distribution will not take responsibility.
If you choose to ship without warm weather packaging during anytime the temperatures exceed 15 degrees Celsius and do not choose the fastest Shipping Method such as Express Post or Next Day LTL, we will not be accountable for any damaged/melted products any time of the year. 

It is advisable to check your local weather forecast to determine if you should add the Warm Weather Packaging option.

Click here to go to to check your local forecast.


Medium Packaging is designed for 2.5kg-5kg worth of products

Box Size is 12x12x6 to provide ample of room for several chocolate products and ice packs.