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Silikomart Large Russian Tale 125 Mold

From the Oriental traditional architecture to your laboratory, this mold is ideal to prepare tasteful and timeless desserts!

This is the concept of RUSSIAN TALE by Silikomart Professional composed by one silicone mold made of 5 cavities of 4.2 oz. each, comes with and a plastic support to improve stability and simplify its use. Guaranteed high performance with perfect results.

  • Freezer / blast freezer proof
  • Dishwasher safe
silicone mold ø67 h 73 mm + plastic support
Mold Size: Ø 2.5″ H 2.8″ Volume: 5 x 4.2 oz.
Product dimensions (W x H x L): 4.1 x 4 x 17.3
Net weight: 1.3

Silikomart Supernova 105 Mold

Like a starburst, SUPERNOVA 105 will give a touch of light
and design to your single portions and plated desserts!
This new mold has 6 cavities of 3.55 oz. each. Ensures great
results in Semifreddo’s version. Perfect for being glazed with
its details.
Mold cavity size: Ø 2.51” x 2.20” H
Volume cavity: 3.55 oz. each x 6 | Total volume: 21.30 oz.

Silikomart Rose Silicone Mold

  • Soft, non-toxic, non-stick, high-conductivity
    alimentary pure silicone
  • Suitable for cooking, baking, refrigerating,
    freezing and thawing
  • SiliconFLEX molds are ideal for the preparation
    of sweet/salty biscuits, cookies, cakes, pies,
    chocolate and more!
  • Temperature range for use: -60° C (-76° F)
    to 230° C (446° F).
  • Easy to clean and can be hung using holes
    in each corner
  • Hygienic


silicone mold n. 6 rose ø76 h 40 mm
Makes 6 pieces – 3.89 oz./Unit
Product dimensions (W x H x L): N/A x 1.57” x N/A
Product diameter: 2.99”

Silikomart Truffle 70 Silicone Mold

Perfect and unique truffles thanks to Truffles mold, which enables you to create mono portions to be dusted with cocoa, glazed or brittle coated.

Each mold has got an innovative border conceived to give a particular round shape to the base of pastries and to guarantee an easy and perfect unmold in every single detail.

The mold is resistant to temperature ranges between -60°C (-76°F) and +230°C (+446°F), therefore it is suitable both for the oven and the blast chiller. It can be combined with Mini Truffles mold to create truffles with surprising heart.


Truffles 70
Mold Size: Ø 2″ H 1.7″ Volume: 8 x 2.36 oz.
Product dimensions (W x H x L): 7 x 1.6 x 13.3
Net weight: 0.6

Silikomart Bolla-P Tritan Chocolate Mold

Silikomart offers premium Tritan chocolate Molds that was inspired by Andrey Dubovik. Offer unique molds in your showcase or a unique look.


Volume: 8ml
Praline Size: 25×40 h14mm
Tritan™ Mould size: 275×175 h25mm
24 pralines/mould

Silikomart Onda Tritan Chocolate Mold

Silikomart offers premium Tritan chocolate Molds that was inspired by David Vidal. Offer unique molds in your showcase or a unique look.

Volume: 8ml
Praline Size: 28,5×28,5h13mm
Tritan™ Mould size: 275×175 h25mm
24 pralines/mould


Silikomart Macaron Mat

Kit Macarons mat of the Wonder Cakes’ range. The mat allows you to realize with its 48 holes 24 macarons. To realize variegated macarons you can use the comfortable Liposoluble Powders. Inside the package, there’s the exclusive recipe! Size Macaron: Ø 35 mm
Size: 300 x 400 h 1.5 mm


Silikomart Buchette 140 SIlicone Mold

Elegance at your fingertips with the new Bûchette140 mould signed by the pastry chef Yann Couvreur in collaboration with the Silikomart Professional designers. Tradition meets modernity creating an immortal mould characterized with a new dimension: 8 cavities of 140 ml each, for delicious and timeless creations. With Bûchette140 you will give life to a new tradition.


75mm x 50mm x h46mm

Vol. Total: 1120ml
Cavity: 8
Vol. Cavity: 140ml

Silikomart 3D Chocolate Tree Mold

The 3D Tree Choc mould allows you to create two three-dimensional trees made of chocolate or biscuit. In addition to the mould, the package also contains two polypropylene bases and a recipe book. Easy Choc chocolate moulds are easy to use, flexible and long-lasting. They can be used in the oven, microwave, fridge and freezer.


270mm x 25mm x h170mm, Ø130mm

Vol. Total: 112ml
Cavity: 32
Vol. Cavity: 3,5ml


Silikomart ASTRO 95 Silicone Mold

Astro 95 mould will give tridimensionality and elegance to the single portions in your shop window and to your plated desserts. The mould is made of 8 cavities of 95 ml each. The style and design of its lines make it a versatile shape, leaving space to creativity of the pastry chef, to be interpreted in different versions.



Ø67mm h79.5mm

Vol. Total: 760ml
Cavity: 8
Vol. Cavity: 95ml


Reimagine tastes and shapes of nature with the mould Foresta designed for the haute cuisine. Made in Italy by Silikomart  you can create one of a kind savory or sweet tuile garnishes. Offer custom chocolate garnishes on desserts for true feel of nature.

SIZE MOULD: 470 x 270 h 2,30 mm
SIZE: 66×30,59 h 1,5 mm – 62,38×43 h 1,5 mm
VOLUME: 1,1 ml x 12 + 1,7 ml x 12 Tot. 33,6 ml


A squared sphere almost looks like a weird word pun, an impossible shape to imagine and to create. Instead, from the perfect fusion of a sphere and a square, the two most used shapes in the pastry, the mould Square Sphere of Silikomart Professional is born. An innovitive and particular mould, with a volume of 110 ml, all to discover that will be loved for its versatility.
Size: 60 x 60 h 39 mm
Volume: 110 ml


Vol. Total: 880ml
Cavity: 8
Vol. Cavity: 110ml


The ancient Japanese art of origami blends together with romance to create Amorini Origami110 by Silikomart Professional. Six multifaceted hearts of 110 ml in which each side represent a different shade of love. Included you can find a plastic cutter that will allow you to create inserts and dessert bases that perfectly fits the mould shape which will conquer both the eyes and the palate of your guests.

Made in Italy

Cavity size:74×84 h 35 mm
Vol.: 110 ml x 6 Tot. 660 m
Cavity: 6
Vol. Cavity: 110ml


Freezer Safe and Dishwasher Safe


Discover the 3d Fruit Range! Impossible to resist to the strawberry, the fruit that anticipates the sunny season with its bright red colour and its delicate and unmistakable scent. The mould is provided with 15 cavities of 30 ml each and a practical double use cutter for creating base and inserts. FRAGOLA30 is the exclusive Silikomart Professional mould designed in every single detail that allows to faithfully re-create the 3D shape of fruit.

Mould size:48 x 37 h33 mm
Mould vol.: 30 ml x 15 Tot 450 ml



48mm x 37mm x h33mm

Vol. Total: 450ml
Cavity: 15
Vol. Cavity: 30ml