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Truffle Shells White

The creamy, milky white chocolate shells for your truffles.
Truffle Shells White make for a great chocolate base to create your luxury truffles and brigadeiros. The shells – made of Callebaut®’s creamy and milky white chocolate – have a lovely snap and a fine taste to delight your customers. They have an accommodating opening so you can easily fill them with any fluid ganache, praline or cream filling.
After filling them and leaving the filling to harden, our chefs recommend dipping them in tempered chocolate and then finishing them to the taste immediately. You can bring out their fancy white looks by rolling them in white chocolate decorations. A few examples: Chocolate Shavings White, Chocolate Blossoms White, Crispearls White… Anything goes! Truffle Shells leave a lot to the imagination and allow you to play with flavours, textures and colours.

Crafted in Belgian white chocolate.

Pack Size: 1.36kg (63pc)

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